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Build custom strategies, define entry and exit conditions, and automate with ease. Analyze charts, create strategies, and automate using technical indicators. Simplify building and automating Scalping strategies. All Algo Trading Features at your fingertips in one Simple App!

One App for All Your Needs!

Explore tradable strategies or effortlessly create your own. Discover pre-made strategies or scan based on specified parameters. Access tools for strategy analysis and development, including payoff charts, Option Greeks, and Profit Ratios. Your Go-to App for Everything you Need, All in One!

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Strategy Builder

Build, execute, and analyze multi-leg strategies with visual charts and in-depth analysis.

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Option Chain Analytics

Enhance decision-making through a unified interface for holistic option strategy analysis.

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Stock Option Picks

Execute filtered algorithmic strategies with clear Risk/Reward indicators and detailed analysis.

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Strategy Picks

Instantly trade dynamic time-spread strategies with clear risk/reward ratios and analysis.

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Strategy Scanner

Efficiently customize parameters, discover optimal strategies, analyze, and execute seamlessly.

Simple Trading & Investment Ideas

Whether you seek short-term or intraday picks, find them easily and start trading. Seeking long-term equity investments? We've got you covered.

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Short Term Picks

Discover stock picks tailored to your needs, whether short-term, weekly, or monthly.

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Intraday Picks

Discover intraday picks across Indices, Equity, Futures, and Options.

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Equity Baskets

Discover an equity or thematic basket that meets your needs.

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